FNAG 1 Reborn: Creator Nova Rose Triton Valentine Golden Gipsy and Phantom Prince are now only active.

FNAG 2: Half Nightmare Golden Gipsy Darkness Shadow Jade and Shadow Edge are only active in this night.

FNAG 3 Reborn: They are very very aggressive.

FNAG 1 Remastered: Dismantled and Abominationic are only active in this night and in the House Night you only deal with Darkness Gipsy Taken Koba Blue Fire Vision Blood Hungry Koldo Springlock Swift Jack-o-Trap Nightmare Phantom Original and Shadow.

FNAG 2 Remastered: Purple Freddy is now active in this night.

FNAG 3 Remastered: This night is different than the other nights you are in the office and Shadow Calvin is the only character active in this night.