K-Trap is like plush trap from five night's at Freddy's 4 He's Like a puppet to Prototype Koba. He is Shown to be Orange He Is A Rabbit. His jumpscare shows him jumping and attacking the Player.

Unlike plush traps behavior, K-Trap rides on prototype Koba's shoulder. FNAG 1 Reborn: He is sitting on your office desk, if you hear FNAF 3 bad ending music play, then he is active, and the player has to flip up the camera and wait until the FNAF 3 bad ending music stops or else he will jumpscare and kill the player.

FNAG 2 Reborn: He will appear on the cameras close/switch cameras to stop him or else he will crash the player's cameras.

FNAG 2 Remastered: Along with Prototype Koba, he will go to the vent behind the player, the player has to close the vent door or else he will jumpscare the player along with Koba, as the mask and blackout effect will not fool them.