"The dinner has been reopened... But something is different... They are seeking revenge..For her."

                                                                                                        -Tagline of the game trailer

Five Nights At Gipsy's Trailer

Five Nights At Gipsy's Trailer


Five Nights at Gipsy'sEdit

Five Nights at Gipsy's is a fan made of the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy's.

the objective is to survive 5 nights of 12am to 7am on Gipsy's Dinner, whitout being jumpscared by the animatronics.

Released on 08/20/16, the game have mechanics as phone, monitor panel, locker, hallucinations, music box, phone calls, phone battery, vent seal.

Description Edit

Welcome to your new job on Gipsy's dinner, a place for kids and adults to play and eat.

The biggest attraction being gipsy and company. They are animatronics,maked for intertainment.


but they haved some problems on the night, so a nightguard was necessary to work from 12am-7am, after some troubles with the last one. So from your office you need to watch the characters and make sure that any get into your office, and if anyone appears in your office hide into the locker. Don't forget to wind up the music box with your cellphone, but use it carefully so you do not run out of battery power, as it recharges slowly. Lock the vents with 1 and 2 if anyone is there. So can you survive Five Nights at Gipsy's?

Gameplay Edit

You will start at your office, cameras are trough the place to watch the characters so they don't get to your office.The player doesn't have limited enegy, only on the cellphone, he needs to hide in the locker to make the animatronics go away, and wind up the music box to not get jumpscared, the player needs to survive from 12am to 7am unlike the original game, the game have 24 animatronics and contain old animatronics, new animatronics, phantom animatronics and damaged animatronics